Monday, September 13, 2010

Hess Fest

I am the manager of Hess. I pretty much do every thing to run it. Sometimes its a pain when people come in and start to argue over some of the most stupid things, but I just say I no understand english and start talking to them in different languages so they stop bothering me. Lets face it after a long days of working no one wants to hear that. I have to also go to Sams Club to be able to restock my HESS after whats a HESS without beverages and food thats just not wright.Well you guys have a Hessfull day now bye.
P.S I am not really a manager of HESS this post is just for fun


  1. This post has piqued my interests

  2. The post started looking pretty legit too until that last part.

  3. Hess Fest, like the music festival in Europe??